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Attack, Run, Or Wait?

What fits your game plan best


Problem 3 from "What's Your Game Plan?" by Mary Hickey and Marty Storer

XG skin design by Rain


You're in a strong position with three solid options. Which one will help you the most?

If you choose to wait for a better roll then 13/9 13/10 is best as it leaves only indirect shots. White can't hit and cover, which leaves you some potential to hit back. But waiting weakens your position, and the timing is in white's favour. It's not the right move.

Attacking with 8/1* might look good, but you'll regret it if it goes wrong. You don't have much ammunition to continue the attack, and you're giving up your valuable 8pt to do so. White is favourite to re-enter and may well strengthen their board at the same time. It's a blunder.

Running with 21/14 is the answer. It maintains your home board strengths and keeps your mid-point. It looks dangerous but white's board is weak right now. Run while you can. You're still a strong favourite to win.

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