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Best Plan?

Three routes home


Problem 64 from "Whats Your Game Plan?" by Mary Hickey and Marty Storer

XG skin design by Rain


You can attack with 13/4* 8/5 (you’ll have a stronger board and a safety anchor if you’re hit back). Or you can race with 18/15(2) 8/5 6/3 (you’ll be up 5 pips in the race).

Both options are thematically correct - they play to your strengths - and both will leave you in a winning position. But crucially neither of them are killer blows. 5 pips is a very small racing lead, and hitting comes with risks. Sometimes it’s right to split the difference, and that’s the case here.

The right move is 13/10 (2) 8/5 6/3. You’re building your board and increasing the obstacles white must get past to bring their last checker to safety. It’s the right combination of strength and flexibility.

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