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Cube Time?

Is it a Double? Is it a Take?


XG skin design by Rain


This is No Double / Take. But do you know why? What are the weaknesses in Black’s position that mean they don’t yet have a double? It isn’t because White is threatening to escape or hit - you can put White’s checker back to the acepoint and it’s still not a double. You can even complete the 6-prime with a checker from your midpoint and it’s still not a double!

The weakness is your own back checker. It can’t see daylight, and you don’t have much timing to escape it before having to re-shuffle your prime. Meanwhile White will be improving their prime against you, with more flexibility and slightly better timing.

You’d actually need to move your checker up to the 21pt, giving you 20 escaping rolls, before you have a double.

Primes can be strong, but they can also crumble quickly. Don’t overlook the difficulties of getting your own checkers past your opponent’s prime.

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