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Cubes & Match Score

Black on Roll in 7pt match. Cube Action?
a) at 0-0; b) at 4-0; c) at 0-4


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OK - so quiz factor alert - it is of course a different answer for each match score.

The key to understanding this position is realising that Black has a lot of gammon threats.You have ten checkers in the zone and White has no anchor and a checker on the bar. Your three checkers back means you lack the ammunition to carry out a full blitz and close out White straightaway (which is why your overall winning chances aren’t so high), but in many games you’ll be able to keep White occupied and off-balance long enough to bring those checkers around. White’s lack of any home board means you don’t have to worry about the back checkers getting stuck. Knowing it’s a gammonish position should help to work out the right cube action:

c) trailing 0-4 you definitely whip the cube across, and White should be happy to drop and avoid you drawing level. Double/ Pass.

b) leading 4-0 you can’t fully utilise a doubled gammon, and your overall winning chances aren’t yet high enough. No Double / Take.

c) at 0-0 you want to cube, and White can comfortably take as they still have decent winning chances. Double / Take.

Any other cube decisions by either side are all big blunders.

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