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Do You Hub?

Black on Roll at 1-1 to 7pts. Cube Action?
a) No Double; b) Double/Take; c) Double/Pass


Daily Puzzle from for Monday 29th April 2024

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As well as providing the home for all of our tournament administration and lots of online matches, Backgammon Hub also posts a daily quiz position. Do you check it out regularly? You’ll wish you did - today’s problem is taken straight from today’s Hub quiz position! We have changed the colours and direction of play around though…

This is an emerging prime vs prime position where Black clearly has an edge. Is it enough to double? Or perhaps even too strong given that White’s back checkers can’t see daylight. What about the race? And what about the score?

So far today 72% of respondents on the Hub have got this one right. Were you one of them? (I confess that over the last few months I’ve had a hopeless run on their quiz positions, getting a majority of them wrong, and today was no different).

The correct answer here is a) No Double. You have the edge, but not yet enough to turn the cube. You’ll need to visit the Hub to get the deeper analysis & comment.

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