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Run Or Build?

Which way does (more) danger lie


Problem 54 from "What's Your Game Plan?" by Mary Hickey and Marty Storer

XG skin design by Rain


It's really hard to see beyond 7/2 6/2 here. We safety a blot, build a stronger board, and create a gappy prime. Okay we leave a stripped and static position, but what else is there?

The slightly scary answer is 24/15! If we get into a prime vs prime game we're playing into white's strengths. They hold the bar point and they have the builders. It's a much more dangerous option in the longer term.

What white doesn't have is any inner board strength, or much outfield control. So run. We wouldn't welcome being hit, but we should feel pretty confident if a blot-hitting contest emerges. Running keeps various game options alive, whereas building relies on just one.

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