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The (Dice) Gods Must Be Crazy

Would anyone get this right?


Quiz Problem 15 from part 3 of "Backgammon Masterclass" by Marc Olsen and Masayuki Mochizuki, with Alec Barr

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A completely crazy position with a crazy answer. More for fun than any overall learning point – other than the reminder that the dice gods are capricious. This position, like last week’s, comes from Backgammon Masterclass by Mochy and Marc Olsen, written by our own Alec Barr. Even Mochy agrees that the correct move is mad (although he does then justify why it’s right).

So after all the head-scratching, did you manage to find 18/13* 5/1? I thought not. Buy and read the book – now out in softcover! – for Mochy’s explanation.

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