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To Split Or Not To Split?

And which split if so


Problem 91 from "Whats Your Game Plan?" by Mary Hickey and Marty Storer

XG skin design by Rain


We're a long way behind in the race, and we want to maximise contact. So the minor split is surely better than the major split - a 21pt anchor would just allow white to dump checkers behind us for ages while bearing in. But should we be splitting at all?

Split against a prime, don't split against a blitz. So which one is it here? A bit of both really but white's blitz potential is surely the stronger threat. What does white want to do with all those stacked checkers? Drop them into the inner board of course and they'd love to hit us in the process. Far better simply to move 13/10 6/5 and wait for a better time to run our back checkers.

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