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Our Club

Backgammon in Ealing [BGiE], prides itself on its increasingly diverse culture and its strong ethos of fair play, trust and respect for each other. Our numbers have increased hugely in the last twelve months and we particularly encourage female players and welcome players of all ages.


‘Great venue, great boards and great players (until they beat you)...' sums up what we offer at Ealing and reflects our focus on getting the important things right. We host a vibrant crowd of friendly club players of all levels that make our weekly club tournaments well worth entering. We work hard to make the game attractive to as wide a range of people as possible and arrange additional fun events (like club head to heads, doubles nights and chouette) and encourage players to improve their skills in a range of ways. If you're new to backgammon and are looking to try out playing at a club, we offer a monthly introductory backgammon night in collaboration with Chiswick Backgammon. So we offer something for everyone and look forward to you joining us to play 'the cruelest game'.

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Our Story

BGiE started up in 2012 and is now one of the 3 biggest backgammon clubs in the UK. Over the years we've had more than 160 players through our doors, including world champion and Super Grand Master Masayuki 'Mochy' Mochizuki, renowned author Michihito Kageyama and many of the top UK women and men players. We are lucky to count amongst our regular players two backgammon Masters.

We are affiliated to the UK Backgammon Federation and all matches played in our tournaments qualify for ranking points. Ealing club night tournaments typically consist of matches of 5 or 7 points, we always use the doubling cube and offer optional prize pools. Chiswick is focused on playing for fun with optional use of the cube and no prize pools or ranking points.


Our Crew

Ealing is run by Sion Edwards, Valérie Hayes & Gavin Anderson, and Kate Burness runs Chiswick.

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