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From board 'burglar' to lord of the board

Harvey Kass (pictured right) got himself in hot water last week when he was witnessed leaving our club night with two boards. Sounds innocent enough, but for the fact he arrived with only one board.

Drawing a veil over what followed, Harvey sheepishly had to admit he had walked off with Mihail Popa's board, as well as his own. To make amends Harvey promised to come and play again this week and return the 'stolen' board, which he duly did.

And he really played with style, beating Valérie, Darryl and Yas (pictured on her way down despite the smiles) and won his Swiss outright. Congratulations!

Congratulations also to Dan for winning his Swiss and Tariq for winning the knockout. It's getting very tight at the top of the club ladder. We had a great turnout of 20 players again last night and so thanks to everyone who came along and made it the great evening that it was.

Oh, and we really love having you come and play Harvey - we're just not sure whether we prefer you beating us all, or 'thieving' our boards.... see you again soon! And if you're reading this and haven't been in a while (or ever), visit our sign up page and see if next Monday evening works for you.

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This from Harvey...

The truth is I got lucky x3.

I’ll live down the “2 sets” story (in time). In fairness I didn't leave with 2 sets…much more subtly left with one set and then discretely returned for the other one. Was tempted to put it on Ebay….but then thought what if the pub had cctv!

Thanks for making me feel so welcome in Ealing.

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