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The joys of doubles

The last BGiE club night of the year saw six doubles teams play a Swiss with lots of close matches and good discussions. To give you some idea how much discussing there was, the 7 pt first round matches alone lasted more than 2 hours, so we had to shorten the rest of the matches to 5 pts!

There are two great joys to doubles. One is the sometimes unexpected pairings that happen when 2 individuals looking for a partner are thrown together at the last moment. Jimmy and John (pictured left, playing Yas and Mike) found themselves in this position last night.

The second great joy is the aforementioned conversations that are had within teams. Apart from the very real learning from others that results, the style of the discussion is just as fascinating - think 'long married couple' to 'father and son' to 'who needs enemies with friends like you?' - and many more besides. Of course none of the pairings last night fell into any of these generalisations.

Actually, there is a third joy to doubles and that has to be winning, so back to the first joy and the unplanned pairing of Jimmy and John who only went on to beat all the carefully planned pro pairings and win the tournament. Congratulations to them - always nice to end the year on a winning streak!

We are back for the start of the 2024 season on Monday 8th January - and it's straight into the first Grand Prix night of the year. Hope to see you then.

Meanwhile, happy new year to you all from BGiE!

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