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Wanstead won - Ealing 0

Reach as he might, Peter Bennet (pictured left playing Tiberiu Bostan) wasn't quite able to get Ealing across the line in a high-quality set of matches against Wanstead Club on Monday night.

Wanstead sent a select group of 5 players; their TD Pete Daly having to drop out at the last minute. Despite his absence and the away fixture, it went right down to the last match where Wanstead clinched it 8-7.

Congratulations to Dan Feeny from Ealing and to David Tulip from Wanstead for winning all their matches and thanks to all the team members for playing friendly, but competitive backgammon.

See you all at the return match!

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Jun 20, 2023

Guys,thank you for having us.Great hosts,nice to see bg friends after long time.

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