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BGiE Club Boards Acquisition

We are proud to announce that we've taken the plunge and decided to purchase some new club boards! We'll be paying for them with part of the weekly registration fees, along with some of the money we've earned teaching backgammon at local schools. Our website is now up and running, and it states that we have great boards, so we felt it was time to own some of our own. We'll be updating you on progress in regular posts below.

Our logo on boards

An amended version of our logo for the new club boards?

We're going ahead!

Sion, Gavin, Kate, and Val have started on the initial designs of the boards, the colours, points, logo, and all the other details.

We're getting new boards

On the 11th of April BGiE announced that we were thinking to buy some new boards from ArtGammon and asked members what we thought about the idea.

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