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T-shirt weather brings out the crowds - and so might our new £20 Swiss?

A bit of sunshine this Monday and our lovely venue The Grange came into its own with its outdoor seating, perfect for moving checkers around a board.

Over the next 3 months we should hopefully have more of the same weather, so if you haven't already, tell your friends about BGiE and bring them along to play too.

Another reason to tell your friends about us is that we will be introducing a £20 Swiss tournament from next week. Limited to the first 8 players to sign up and pay, this tournament will carry a winner's payout of £100 and £20 to each of the three players that win 2 of their 3 matches. We will continue to offer a £10 Swiss and knockout as before.

This Monday there were enough players for 2 Swiss and a knockout, won by Zigi Fibert, Anna Price and Peter Bennet respectively. Congratulations to all of them and thanks to everyone else that came along and made it a fun evening.

You can register now for the new £20 Swiss, the £10 Swiss and the knockout to be played on bank holiday Monday next week - hope to see you there!

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