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A very close finish at Twickenham

At 20-19 to Twickenham and with 3 matches still to be decided, it could have gone either way, including a dead heat. Suffice to say Twickenham took a well deserved 22-20 victory.

That leaves each club with a home victory in our head to heads so far. It does look like we need to arrange a further fixture in the near future!

The 5 club head to heads we've played this year, against St Albans (at home), Wanstead (home and away) and Twickenham (home and away) have proven to be a very popular format for a bit of extra backgammon. We still have an outstanding invitation from Greenwich to fulfil and there has been some talk of a more structured London clubs league - watch this space for what happens next.

In his note of thanks to us for last night Ken Gibson, the TD of Twickenham club, said, "All of your team were a credit to Ealing and everyone of us appreciated the friendliness and good spiritedness. We are already talking about and looking forward to the next episode, which is a mark of the respect and admiration we have for you guys."

So well done all 14 players who turned out for Ealing - we are building a reputation we can be proud of, both winning and losing with good humour and good conduct.

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