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Alphabet soup and real food

On Tuesday 28 May GBGC is hosting  BGiE in the return leg of our club head to head and on Sunday 21 July NEBA will host one of the UKBGF's flagship events, the UKCC.

If you know what all that really means, congratulations! You must recently have been on an FLA (four/five letter acronym) course and had the alphabet soup for lunch. If it didn't make much sense, translation is available below, but first.....

Much more tasty than alphabet soup and great fun, was Zigi Fibert's Gourmet Backgammon night on Tuesday this week. With catering by his daughter-in-law and very talented chef Tona and 8 backgammon players, we were pretty much in heaven (as you can see from the picture!) The next gourmet night is planned for the summer when there will be an outdoor dining experience with a backgammon tournament. Watch out for more details soon.

Monday this week also saw regular play at Ealing - the knockout was won by André Larsen and the 2 Swiss tournaments were won by Chris Dolphin and Tariq Siddiqi. Congratulations to them and thanks to the 22 players that turned out to play.

Now back to the alphabet soup - if you're interested in playing for Ealing in the return match with Greenwich on Tuesday 28 May, it will be at The Plume of Feathers pub, SE10. There is parking available and Cutty Sark is the nearest station, about 10 minutes walk away. Please let Gavin or Sion know if you want to be on the team.

The Clubs Championship is in York on Sunday 21 July, for more details and to sign up to play for Ealing follow this link.

This Monday coming sees another night of Swiss and knockout tournaments at The Grange - sign up now and see you there!

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