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April GP and UK Clubs Championship

With 16 starters this month and a couple of regulars away on Easter holidays, it was an open invitation for some new faces to add themselves to the GP race.

And so it was, with Allan Yarish (left) winning the tournament and Jac Arama (right) finishing second. Third and fourth places were taken by Mihail Popa and Tariq Siddiqi.

This leaves Mihail still leading the overall standings with Jonathan Shaul and Martin Sher just behind. Last year's GP winner, Tariq, is in 9th and in need of some added horsepower in the coming months.

Thanks to everyone that turned out to play and congratulations to the winners.

The UK Clubs Championship is coming up in York on Sunday 21 July. If you'd like to play on a 5-member Ealing team, read more about it and sign up now.

Next Monday we have regular knockout and Swiss tournaments to enter - you can register now. Hope to see you there!

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