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Can Tariq be caught? September GP takes some unexpected twists and turns

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

To have a big impact on the Grand Prix standings you really need to finish in the top 4*.

At the September GP on Monday night the top 4 finishers were all relatively infrequent entrants. Nick Sandqvist, who won, had not entered a GP before, Bill Pope in only his fourth GP, Stephen Booth also in his first and Steve O'Connor in his second.

Meanwhile Tariq Siddiqi who has topped the GP leaderboard (select BGiE GP from the 'all competitions' dropdown) for months now, ended up a lowly 16th out of 22 on Monday, Henry Keane who is second on the leaderboard ended 18th.

Despite their dismal performances this month, Tariq and Henry hold on to the top 2 spots on the leaderboard - in large part due to the four infrequent GP participants that took the top spots on Monday night.

If the top 4 spots in September had been taken by the likes of Yas Turan (3rd on the leaderboard), Gavin Anderson (4th), Robert Breen (5th) or Valérie Hayes (6th), then Tariq and Henry would be under serious pressure. But it didn't happen.

And that remains the picture for the last 2 GPs of the season - the eventual 2023 GP winner will come from among the leaderboard top 6 or so players today. But catching Tariq is not going to be easy, especially if the top 4 places in October and November are taken by relatively infrequent entrants, as they were this month, or by lower ranked regular players whose fortunes change.

Meanwhile Farzin Yazdi (pictured left, playing Harvey Kass) continues to top the UKBGF Ealing club ladder. Congratulations to him and to Nick for his win on Monday and thanks to everyone else for a great night!

*GP 1st place gets 1.5 pts, 2nd 0.75 pts, 3rd 0.5 pts, 4th 0.33 pts - everyone else gets 0.2 pts for finishing.

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