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Club title eludes Ealing - again

All three of Ealing's teams entered in the Club Championships made it through the qualifying round robin of 26 teams to the main knockout.

With a 3 in 16 chance of winning, our odds were better than anyone else's, but the trouble started immediately with two of the teams (pictured) being drawn against each other in the first round. And the third team lost in the first round too, leaving only Lawrence's team in the round of 8.

They saw off Twickenham and then were up against Bristol (last year's winners) in the semi-finals, but with both Lawrence and Peter unable to put up any resistance to some excellent rolling and play by Bristol, it was too much to ask Len, Alec and Afshin to all win their matches.

And so ended the 2023 campaign - we will try again in 2024!

It's a fun event and we will be encouraging as many players as possible to be involved next year - it's a great way to get big tournament experience and meet others from all over the UK. If you're interested in playing for Ealing, watch out for the requests for team members early next year.

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