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Does my cravat go with this club board?

Of course it does! We are talking about Andrew Ankrah (pictured) after all. Sartorial is one of his many middle names (we've been told.)

With red, yellow, green, blue and purple, as well as the orange board shown, there is the full spectrum of colours to co-ordinate your outfit with. Well ok the Newtonians and rainbow studiers amongst you might have spotted that indigo is missing, but honestly who even knows what colour indigo is?

So the challenge to everyone is - can you come wearing something that co-ordinates with one of our board colours? The best effort in the month of September gets a drink on the club.

Example below is a complete fail..... the slice of lemon in the glass alongside comes closest.

Congratulations go to Peter Bennet for winning the knockout and to Harvey Kass and Jonathan Shaul for winning the 2 Swiss tournaments this week.

Thanks to everyone else for coming along and look forward to seeing you all again next Monday, the Bank Holiday, in something that 'goes'.

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