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Ealing 27 - 17 Twickenham

Ken Gibson and his Twickenham comrades put up a valiant effort against Ealing's team of 15, but ultimately fell short, as we surged ahead from the start.

With 5 Ealing players undefeated in every match - Ben (pictured), Sebastian, Stephen, Gavin and Lawrence – it was obvious that no quarter would be given in what turned out to be a friendly but competitive head to head.

For players on both sides it was great practice for the upcoming UK Clubs Championship at the end of May; skills honed further, playing together as a team rather than individually.

In response to our victory Twickenham have already requested a rematch - an offer we eagerly await!

Thanks go out to everyone who participated from both sides; friends were made and fun was had. And that's what it's all about isn't it?

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25 avr. 2023
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I love this picture. It was a really great night, thanks to Sion for organising to Twickenham. Lets do it again soon.

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