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February Grand Prix puts Mihail in the driving seat

Another busy GP night saw 20 players battle it out for an early lead in this year's title race. There were group wins for Peter Bennet, Neculai Axinte and newcomer Sassy Kishon, but it was Mihail Popa's second place, together with his first place in January, that puts him at the top of the leaderboard. Mihail is pictured left playing Andrew Ankrah.

A reminder to all players to please sign up well ahead of Monday evening via the tournament links provided in the WhatsApp group or on our website each week. There has been a trend recently towards people hoping to sign up 10 minutes before the tournament draw and expecting us to start on time - this just isn't possible and not fair on the TD and other players.

Talking of which you can sign up now for next week's Knockout or Swiss now at this link. Hope to see you there!

And if I was a betting man, I'd put some money on Mihail taking the title this year...

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