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June GP thrills & spills end in dead heat

Getting to play someone you wouldn't ordinarily meet on a regular club night is one of the thrills of our monthly grand prix. And then beating them is even more of a thrill - as Farzin Yazdi experienced on Monday night, when he defeated Lawrence Powell (that's them in the picture.)

By the end of the evening everyone (like Lawrence) had crashed at least once, meaning there were 4 players in a dead heat for the chequered flag - Rob Breen, Lawrence, Farzin and Anton Omiros - on 3 wins each. Congratulations to them all.

For masterpoints contributing to the positions on the grand prix table, Rob gets the maximum due to better points difference (see the full results here.)

The overall standings in the GP table (select the grand prix from the dropdown) still has Tariq on top - despite limping in in twelfth place on the night - with Yas and Gavin breathing down his neck.

Still all to play for - the race to the end of the year continues!

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