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Ladies night - well nearly

Valérie Hayes (pictured right) and Merzad Eshghi each took the crown in their 8-player Swiss last night. Congratulations to them and also to Len Brown who spoilt everything by winning the 8-player knockout, but failing to be a woman.

It was a pleasure to welcome back to BGiE Nick Wilson (pictured left) last night after an absence of nearly 6 years to the day (the UKBGF database says he last lost to Mike Ireland on 12 October 2017.) We showed Nick our quite regular courtesy of allowing a 'new' player to win more than they lose. However, the honeymoon will be over by next week I suspect.

Meanwhile, the end of the year is approaching very rapidly for us, especially as our last playing night at The Grange is currently Monday 27 November. That means just 6 club nights remain this year! It also means that the UKBGF ladder for Ealing for 2023 is starting to take on its final shape. Currently Darryl Artt is top with Tom O'Connor in 2nd and Mike Ireland in 3rd.

The club masterpoints table tells a slightly different story with Gavin Anderson 1st, Dan Feeny 2nd and Yas Turan 3rd. As a club we reward regular attendance as well as performance, while the UKBGF ladder pretty much just recognises performance. This largely explains the difference - and gives everyone something to be proud of.

Thanks to everyone that turned out for a great night of backgammon last night. To those of you representing BGiE at Twickenham tomorrow night, roll well and be great ambassadors for our club!

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