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Nice Guys & Gals Finish First!

We've been focussing recently on behaviour and values at BGiE. A good club atmosphere makes for a fun & welcoming club, and that's our top priority. We want to be the go-to place for good backgammon and good company.

But - that doesn't mean we're not competitive! And it certainly doesn't meant we don't know our way around a backgammon board. And on that not-very-humble note, can we offer a round of congratulations to all the club members who won big at the 2024 Memorial Tournament at the Clissold Arms last weekend. Ealing players won 4 of the 5 tournaments, with several other players reaching finals and semi-finals. An all-round vote of confidence in BGiE we like to think!

Main Tournament Winner - Lawrence Powell

Consolation Winner - Peter Bennet

Last Chance Winner - Darryl Artt

Lucky Losers 2 Winner - Yas Turan

Well done to them all. And a huge thankyou to Andrew, David, and all the team at the Clissold Arms for - as always - running such a great tournament.

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