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October GP result leaves a 3 horse race for the title

Congratulations go to Roger Phillips for winning all 5 of his matches in a 28 player starting lineup on Monday night and taking the October GP. Now it is clear what the race has come down to - only 3 players can take the overall title with the final GP of the year on 13 November. And just like the rugby world cup at the moment, there are a whole bunch of permutations at play.

Tariq (pictured middle) is on 5.88 master points, Henry (left) is on 4.88 and Yas (right) is on 4.76 after the October GP.

There are 1.5 master points still up for grabs for winning the November GP, 0.75 for 2nd, 0.5 for third and 0.33 for fourth. By our reckoning, if Henry or Yas were to win the November GP and Tariq was to come 4th or worse, then whoever of the two won November would also win the overall GP title. If Henry wins next month and Tariq comes 3rd, then they end tied on master points, but Tariq will win overall because he has played more matches. If Henry or Yas wins next month and Tariq comes 2nd then Tariq wins overall. Any other result where all 3 of them end down the field will result in Tariq winning overall. If you followed that, you're doing well!

Whatever happens, it's going to be an exciting finish. Next week we will be back to regular Swiss and knock out play and so we look forward to seeing you all then.

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