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On it, like a car bonnet...

One of the more unusual venues for the final of a tournament 'happened' to us last night. With it being a bank holiday The Grange closed half an hour earlier than usual, leaving Eric (left) and Jimmy no choice, but to finish their match on the bonnet of my car in the street outside the pub.

Note that the match clock and all other UKBGF requirements were still met. In the end Eric was able to drive home his advantage and pipped Jimmy at the post - and it wasn't even a Grand Prix night!

Last night also saw our inaugural £20 Swiss tournament which was fully subscribed and won by Jonathan Shaul. There was a three-way tie in the third Swiss tournament - Peter Benson, Martin Sher and Bill Pope sharing the win.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who turned out to play, even after a full weekend of play at the London Open for many and the Scottish Open - which was won by our very own Mike Ireland. Well done Mike!

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