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March has been the busiest month since Covid started, with players completing a whopping 264 matches at our club nights. Add to that all the regular matches played in January and February and we get to a total of 748 matches for the year so far - a lot of backgammon! In comparison at the same time last year, we had played only 308 matches.

And on top of that we hosted 16 St Albans players for a club head to head in mid January. So far this year we’ve had 63 different people come and play and it’s been great to welcome new players that have become regulars, including Norman Gold, Rob Breen, Ajit Vyas and Joe McGillicuddy.

The club standings at the end of Q1 have Gavin Anderson on top, followed by Dan Feeny and then Tariq Siddiqi (see table below), but there’s a long way to go to the end of the year…..

The club standings reward both attendance and results - so the more you play, the better your standing.

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