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Results of May 2023 Grand Prix

Five down and 6 to go in the 2023 Grand Prix season means a picture is starting to emerge on who the main contenders are, but there's still a lot of action to come.

Yas and Henry (playing) are now second and fourth in the overall standings. There were quite a few trackside spectators for this fiercely contested match, at one point requiring a pitstop by both players and intervention by the TD to kick the tyres and knock heads together, before they could get back on track, with Yas winning 5-4. Meanwhile Tariq is still in the lead car and Gavin is in third.

The tournament this week was won by Yas with Darryl and Mihail in second and third. Congratulations to all of them and thanks to everyone that played for a fun evening. All the results and the standings table are on backgammonhub.

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Kate Burness
Kate Burness
04 may 2023
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Looks like a gripping match!

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