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Swedes and No Squealing

Another busy Monday night was made even better by a visit from Linnea Edlund (pictured right, playing Petar) and Patrick Kimari from Uppsala in Sweden. They're the current holders of the Uppsala Open doubles title, amongst other tournament victories.

We played 3 Swiss tournaments - won by Steve John, Gavin Anderson and Patrick Kimari. Congratulations to all of them and thanks to everyone who entered - it was a fun evening!

BGiE has now entered a team for the UK Clubs Championship in York on 21 July - Peter Bennet, Sion Edwards, Dan Feeny, Zigi Fibert and Yas Turan are the team members in alphabetical order. And we will be playing under the name No Squ-Ealing - geddit? Hopefully a warning to our opponents that wanting to complain about losing to us is going to be pretty common, but that good etiquette should prevent them from doing so.

If anyone else wants to make up another team of 5 players, please let Sion know.

Next Monday is a bank holiday, but play continues as usual - hope to see you there!

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