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Tariq takes the GP chequered flag!

The stage was set for a showdown between Tariq, Henry and Yas for the overall Grand Prix title this Monday past.

From the off it was a tall order to unseat Tariq and with Henry losing and Tariq winning in the first round, it quickly became impossible for Tariq to be overtaken. By the third round, when Tariq defeated Henry, we were left in no doubt that Tariq was going to be champion by quite a few laps.

So hats off to Tariq for taking a very solid 3rd place on the night and the GP title overall!

Congratulations likewise to Henry for finishing 2nd and Yas 3rd overall.

Well done also to John Antoniou and Roger Phillips who won the 2 Swiss tournaments on the night and thanks to everyone who turned out to play in the final GP of 2023.

We are already planning for the 2024 GP season and look forward to seeing you all there for the January GP on 8 January.

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