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Useful stuff to know. Results, rankings, prizes...and a website

1. We have a website (who knew!) at Lots of info on it, including all our blog posts and the weekly puzzles we set at club nights. Take a look around.

2. Each week we send out links to the next tournament on the WhatsApp group (ask Sion to join if you're not already on it). If you prefer you can bookmark which is our dedicated club page on Backgammon Hub. That page has links to all the upcoming tournaments (scroll down to find them) so you can always find the latest tournament to sign up to.

3. Everyone loves rankings, right? There are 4 main rankings, so you can pick the one where you're doing best to show off to your friends. We have:

- Club Standings*: Maintained by Backgammon Hub. Results are shown both on our website under 'Results', and on our Hub club page. These are the annual rankings that focus (mainly) on wins and (a little bit) on participation. You never fall down the Standings, you only rise up. They reset each January. The annual winners get the everlasting respect and admiration of their fellow club members!

(*see the bottom of this post for a nerdy update about Standings results)

- Club Grand Prix Standings: Same as the regular Standings, but only for Grand Prix nights. Cash prizes for year-end winners!! (£100 to winner, £50 to runner-up, £25 to third-place). Result are on both the website ('Results', then scroll down) and our Hub club page (instead of 'All competitions', select 'BGiE Grand Prix' in the drop-down options box).

- UKBGF Ladder: Maintained by UKBGF. Your annual rating for Ealing club matches. Your rating can fall as well as rise (cruelest game etc etc), so make sure to only boast to your friends when you're riding high. Resets each January. Results are at

- UKBGF Rating: Your current rating based on all the UKBGF matches you've ever played, anywhere. The closest to a 'true' sense of your ability (hahaha - we know, we know). Results are at

*nerdy update alert*

This has been our first proper year of using Backgammon Hub. Along the way we've made a few mistakes (creating 'virtual' players instead of using people's existing accounts; players awarding wins to the wrong player etc etc). From next year we should be able to correct all of that on-system, but for this year we'll need to make a few manual adjustments to the Standings scores at the end of the year to correct for those mistakes. We'll publish all the changes we're making and why, so you can check we're being honest. It might not make any difference in the end. It certainly doesn't at the moment with the Grand Prix where Tariq is clearly leading. In the main Standings those corrections would currently put Tariq narrowly ahead of Gavin & Dan.

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