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What to wear to win a Grand Prix?

The July edition of our Grand Prix series saw quite a range of tactics - and approaches to dressing for the occasion.

With 22 players lining up at the start and Tariq in pole position, the 5 lap course saw in round one the likes of Florin in straight-from-work wear pitted against Steve O'Connor in a racing jacket and goggles. Florin won, but it wasn't clear that his outfit was a long term winner.

Mihail (pictured left) who actually drives cars for a living and was at Silverstone for the real British GP this past weekend, went for the casual summer look, but ended way down the field. As did nattily dressed Andrew (pictured right) who crashed on more than one occasion.

A quick survey of the rest of the field saw Bill in his scientifically-proven go-faster leggings, Merrin in a stylish number and Valérie in her birthday suit (is that what I mean? well it was her birthday anyway.) Happy birthday, Valérie!

But in the end it was Tariq who beat Dan to the flag - in a pair of flip flops and shorts. All of which goes to show it doesn't really matter what you wear to play backgammon.

Congratulations to Tariq who surges further ahead in the rankings - and come on everyone else, eating Tariq's dust is a habit that needs to be broken!

Thanks to everyone who played and looking forward to seeing you again for the August edition when we will be in The Netherlands (that's a joke to end with by the way - the Formula 1 version will be there.) Visit our tournaments page to see what's happening next week and join us.

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