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Who says first-timers don't stand a chance?

Merzad Eshghi (pictured) started out playing at our monthly Backgammon for Fun night in Chiswick where she was persuaded to come and try tournament play at The Grange last night.

With backgammon in her genes and a son who also plays, she entered one of our Swiss tournaments and commenced a demolition job, firstly of Florin and then of the top 2 players in the club standings - Gavin and Dan.

Winning all 3 of her matches means she is one of a very few people who can claim an undefeated record at the club. She has the option to retire now with that accolade, but we suspect she will be back for more soon.

We were also joined by Chris Birrell, another first-timer, who finished mid table in his Swiss.

Congratulations to Merzad and Chris on coming out to play - and win! Congratulations also to Farzin Yazdi who won the other Swiss and Peter Bennet who won the knockout.

There were 20 of us battling it out last night, with Valérie as TD (for which thanks) - hope to see you all again soon!

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