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REVEALED!!! The boards have arrived

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

two backgammon players draw daggers over the board
the unboxing (non)-video

Here at BGiE newsdesk we've been given exclusive access to the first images of the new club boards. Scroll down for your sneak preview.

It's been a saga, but they are finally here, and will be in use at Monday night's Grand Prix. Come along and see what your membership fees and Sion's tireless teaching at the French school backgammon club have paid for. Thanks to a great deal with ArtGammon, we now have handsome boards for all to enjoy for years to come (see here for the full story of how and why we've bought them.)

We still hope & expect you'll bring your own beautiful boards to share - but these club boards will minimise hunting around for a spare, and help players who don't want to lug a heavy object to the Grange each week.

This week's tournament saw 22 players turn out, and congratulations go to Farzin, Rob, and Tom who each emerged victorious from their respective Swiss groups. As a special prize they get first dibs on using the new boards next week...

Sion bowled over by the purple board

the red board displayed to full effect

Aydin proudly showing off the green board

the yellow board ready to go (who turned it over?...)

See you on Monday night for the proper reveal!!

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